PoCC 2019

I am still deep in personal reflection about my experience at PoCC this year. I feel more tension, confusion, frustration, and discomfort than past years and haven’t yet been able to make sense of it enough to write a coherent post. I do however, want to post my sketch notes because the content is the powerful result of many incredible leaders and thinkers.

I hope to post more about my reflection in the coming weeks or months but won’t make a promise that I may not keep as I’m swept back into the school year. As always I am grateful for each person that stops by the blog.

Love and light,


Leaders of the White/European Heritage Affinity Group asked attendees to reflect on these buckets of responsibility while at PoCC and when back at their schools.

All Affinity Group Hosts spent a wonderful morning together culminating months of preparing for our role.

The Opening General Session was incredibly powerful thanks to the hard work of so many that appear in this sketch note.

Dr. Joy DeGruy. That’s all I’ll say. Look her up, y’all.

Valerie Kaur pulled from the deep well of feminine power, and I was incredibly moved. So often power is seen as masculine and Valerie showed us so beautifully the power of the feminine.

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