actfl 2019

Hi all,

I am feeling grateful, excited and energized- even after a long Monday! November and December are two of my favorite months because they always include loved ones and professional learning. (My enneagram friends will see the Type 3 shining through in that last sentence!) This weekend I attended (and presented at) the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language‘s Conference, tomorrow I head home to Tennessee to see my family, and the following week I head to Seattle for NAIS’s People of Color Conference. So much joy behind and ahead of me!

Below you’ll find my Sketch Notes from ACTFL. A huge thank you to everyone who shared their expertise this weekend. Look for Sketch Notes from PoCC in the coming weeks!

Love and light,


Mastery-Based Assessment in World Language Programs by Erika Carlson and ME!

This was my first presentation at a national conference- a goal I set for myself before I turn 30. I completed it with about 2 months to spare! We had such great conversations with folks about rethinking the purpose of grading and the difference between our intended impact and the actual impact on our students.

Developing Queer Materials and Pedagogy in L2 Teaching and Learning by Kris Knisely

Diverse Storytelling to Foster Empathy and Cultural Competence by Camilla Iturralde and Samara Spielberg

Authentic Resources for Proficiency, Interculturality and Social Justice by Dorie Conlon Perugini, Stacey Margarita Johnson, and LJ Randolph

Personalize your K-8 Classroom with Project-Based Learning by Nadine Jacobs-McLean and Beth Gaunce

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