“Lauren’s Sketch Notes for our white affinity group sessions at NAIS PoCC 2019 helped hundreds of people find new ways into important and challenging work. She’s brilliant, talented, and dedicated to making the world a better place. I feel lucky that she was a part of our work, both as a facilitator and as an illustrator.”

Moses Rifkin, Science Department Head, University Prep, Seattle, WA

“Lauren’s ability to synthesize information into an engaging image is extremely powerful. Her Sketch Note of our math meeting condensed our department’s mission and philosophy into a brilliant visual reference for families.”

Jana Rupp, Middle School Math Department Chair, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC

“When I was looking for engaging and unique new sessions for one of our department’s biggest student events, I requested a sketch noting workshop from Lauren. Our college students loved learning the basics of capturing ideas with images and trying their hand at synthesizing messages and concepts from topics relevant and interesting to them. She was able to break down processes and provide helpful instruction that was both fun and a useful tool- even for those who feel unartistic or uncreative!

Courtney Holder, Associate Director, Leadership, Education & Development, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

“Participating in workshops, as both a leader and attendee, can become overwhelming. Especially when navigating the difficult waters of justice and equity work, it’s easy to leave a session with a lot of feelings but not much memory of the particulars. Lauren’s sketch notes put me right back in that moment of engagement and have helped me reflect in a way that has helped me grow both personally and professionally.”

Susannah Nichols, English Teacher, The Roeper School, Birmingham, MI

“I contracted Lauren to assist us in honing our objectives and illustrating our goals and plans for a new employee training program. I orated my thoughts and goals to her, and she created an amazing visual that was thorough, simple and engaging. This is the next level in gaining the attention and focus of your team. I highly recommend her services!”

Julie Kinnard, Human Resources Manager, Southeast Select Sires, Spring Hill, TN

“Lauren’s work is phenomenal! She conveys multiple hours of lecture and discussion in a way that others can understand and presents the material cohesively and concisely. Lauren captures the highlights without sacrificing the deeper meaning within each session. The disciplines that her sketch notes cover know no bounds- from diversity, equity and inclusion conferences to her Spanish classroom to her personal story, which she portrays with beauty and vulnerability. Both she and her work are vital to our community!”

Campbell Keyser, Program Assistant for DEI and Social-Emotional Learning, Georgetown Day School, Washington DC