ndpi 2020

As the virtual school year begins, I’m reflecting on the ├╝ber powerful virtual conference I sketchnoted this summer. The Glasgow … More

COVID-19 + self-discipline

Hi y’all, I’m writing to you from my parent’s home in Franklin, TN because I decided to self-isolate with family. … More

PoCC 2019

I am still deep in personal reflection about my experience at PoCC this year. I feel more tension, confusion, frustration, … More

actfl 2019

Hi all, I am feeling grateful, excited and energized- even after a long Monday! November and December are two of … More

in the works!

I’m taking a quick break from a crazy school year to seek some input as I plan adult workshops for … More

enneagram & coffee

This weekend I combined several of my favorite things – family, sketch noting, personal growth, and meeting new folks! I … More