Lauren Kinnard is a sketch noter, Spanish teacher, equity and inclusion practitioner, and teacher educator in Washington, DC. Lauren incorporates sketch noting into all aspects of her professional career- in the classroom, professional development settings, and parent-teacher communication. She teaches sketch noting to students, teachers and administrators, and creates commissioned sketch notes for schools, organizations and companies across the United States.

Beyond sketch noting, Lauren has educated teachers about equity and diversity issues through several organizations, including Georgetown Day School, Trinity School, National Association of Independent Schools, Georgia Association of Independent Schools, Teach for America and the Lovett School. As illustrated throughout her site, Lauren incorporates sketch noting into her DEI work and strives to create images that are inclusive and representative of diverse perspectives and principles.

In addition to her work as an equity and inclusion practitioner and sketch noter, Lauren has experience designing and implementing world language curriculum for grades K-8. Her expertise includes proficiency-based curriculum and instruction, standards-based grading and social justice world language instruction.

Lauren received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Science in Social Foundations of Education from Georgia State University. Her graduate work focused on teacher education about issues of race, whiteness and gender; her thesis is entitled: “Educating White Female Teachers to be Anti-Racist: The Role of Whiteness Studies in Teacher Education.” She currently serves as Spanish Teacher for grades 3-6 and grade 6 advisor at Georgetown Day School.