a day in the life of an enslaved person

Each year at Trinity School, the fourth grade students learn about the American Civil War. In order to give students an introduction to a variety of topics, as well as provide them an opportunity to choose what they learn, teachers from across the school offer 4 sessions of one lecture on a particular topic. Lectures cover everything from technology of warfare to clothing worn by various groups during this era.

Each year I have co-taught a lecture on “A Day in the Life of an Enslaved Person” with a music teacher (who holds a Ph.D. In Ethnomusicology). I began by talking about the diverse experiences of those enslaved in the United States, and she finished by teaching the students several spirituals and their importance to the resistance and resilience of enslaved people.

This year I taught the class solo (sadly my colleague moved on to a different school) and chose a slightly different path. I pulled my objectives and several resources from Teaching Tolerance. Below are my #SketchNotes about the lesson. Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or questions!

Love and light,



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