sketch notes for Spanish class

The past week has been a whirlwind as we welcomed our students back to GDS! I am exhausted, excited, inspired, anxious and optimistic about this upcoming year. Below are a few materials that I created for my Spanish class. I hope they inspire some of you to incorporate more visuals into your work, particularly if you work with learners of any age!

Love and light,


*Much of the content below is based on the work of ACTFL, Joe Feldman, and Jill Gough.

Sixth Grade Spanish Syllabus, sketch note style!Fifth Grade “Syllabus”

This is a simple version of a syllabus that helps me introduce important structures and concepts we use all year and throughout middle school.

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

I represented the target levels for our fifth and sixth grade students.

ACTFL Intercultural Communication Proficiency Guidelines