sketch note camp – week one

As I sat down to summarize week one of Sketch Noting Camp, I was overwhelmed by the challenge. So, I decided less is more and sketched a general outline of a day at camp. This schedule helped students gain the basic skills needed to sketch note, provided real-time feedback, built community and kept students engaged by incorporating plenty of choice.

Below are a few pictures highlighting student work and additional elements of camp. May we all find as much joy in our work as I did during these two weeks!

More to come on week two in my next post!

Love and light,


Norms- developed together but heavily guided by me, of course.

Day 1 Sketch Notes of Sunni Brown’s video- so impressed!

Quote Sketch Notes- Each day students sketch noted one of fifteen quotes I printed out. They then hung them up under their classmates’ versions of the same quote.

Sketch Note Challenge – Students used different elements (faces, people, text) to represent the ideas of love, think and fast.

Sketch Note Challenge- Identify the structure and elements used in these Sketch Notes. Then put an orange sticky for things you liked and a pink sticky for things you’d change. (Sketch Notes from Mike Rohde’s The Sketchnote Handbook)


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