sketch note camp preparations

I’ve spent the last few weeks immersed in sketch noting. But, excitingly, in a new way- with middle schoolers! Over the past five years, I’ve incorporated sketch noting into my classes, facilitated a sketch noting club and worked with individual students; however, this summer is the first time I’ve led a camp focused solely on sketch noting. And it has been… stupendous!

We finished the first of our two weeks together on Friday. My fifteen students, all upcoming sixth-eighth graders, have blown me away with their engagement, risk-taking, creativity, and willingness to be vulnerable and share their work.

This is the first of a series of posts about camp. Below are photos, sketch notes and resources that got me to Day 1. The internet is a treasure trove of sketch noting resources, and I hope you’ll check some of them out!

Love and light,


My syllabus (purposefully vague, as it was written months in advance):

As soon as I began preparing, I knew that I wanted my students to leave with all the physical tools and skills they’d need to immediately incorporate sketch noting into their study habits. Each student received the following:

Visual Vocabulary Toolbox was compiled by Sylvia Duckworth and formatted by me.

My desk was stocked with important resources for Day 1:

In addition to the above physical tools, I used a plethora of online resources. I’ve compiled them into a list here.



  1. My daughter, Mia, has been in your sketch noting camp for the past two weeks and adores sketch noting! She says she can’t wait to use the skills she learned with you in this upcoming year. Thanks so much for your creative inspiration!
    -Tori R.


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