national diversity practitioners institute

This past month I had the privilege of attending the National Diversity Practitioners Institute in Potomac, Maryland. The institute is in its sixth year and is the beautiful manifestation of the minds, hearts and spirits that comprise the Glasgow Group LLC.

Our cohort of just over 100 independent school educators spent three long, stimulating and heartening days exploring the many challenges and crises that occur in our schools and how to navigate them as practitioners. Or to quote Olivia Pope, as one Rodney Glasgow is apt to do, “What does it mean to wear the white hat?”

One delightfully surprising outcome of my experience was the acknowledgement, praise and gratitude I received for my SketchNotes. Feeling seen and appreciated by so many educators helped alleviate my imposter syndrome and has motivated me to reinvest in myself as an artist. It also reminded me of the innumerable roles we can fill in the work of equity and inclusion, which is one of the objectives of the conference, if I’m not mistaken. So thank you, Rodney and team.

Below are my #SketchNotesForChange from this beautiful conference. If you would like to have a copy of the notes, rather than downloading them from here, please email me at I can then send you the best resolution images for printing (and ensure my name is somewhere on each image :).

Love and light,


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


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